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Pack for a Purpose’s 4G Network

There is much discussion about  3G networks, 4G networks, and 5G networks. 5G Networks are touted to be better and faster. This may well be the case with cell phones. However, at Pack for a Purpose, the 4G Network is efficient, impactful, and makes every trip a traveler takes go farther than the miles they travel.

The 4Gs that make up Pack for a Purpose are Gratitude, Generosity, Giving, and Global Impact.

Gratitude is a universal emotion which we learn to express at an early age and continues throughout our lifetimes. Everyone is inherently capable of gratitude. The expression of gratitude enriches the experience of the person expressing the gratitude and the person receiving it. Gratitude is at the heart of Pack for a Purpose. Whether you are 5 or 95, you can express gratitude when you travel.

From Canada to Costa Rica

From Australia to Fiji

From the USA to Turks & Caicos

Generosity, while not always the first thought of small children, is easily taught. Children observe their parents and friends expressing generosity, understand the benefits and then choose to incorporate this behavior into their lives. Generosity will of course vary depending on a person’s resources but not necessarily the amount of their generosity. Many people with the fewest resources are the most generous. Pack for a Purpose travelers have expressed their generosity over the past nine years by taking over 165,728 kgs (364,601 pounds) of requested supplies to over 60 countries.

For Aruba

For Costa Rica

For Namibia

Giving is the natural outcome of gratitude and generosity. Making sure the “giving” is meaningful is most important. Without knowledge of the recipient, this can be very difficult. At Pack for a Purpose, our mission is to assist travelers who want to take meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit. This is achieved by providing needs list curated by the communities themselves for the projects supported on our website.


Sandos Foundation (Mexico)

The Hide (Zimbabwe)

Spicy Villa Eco-Lodges (Thailand)

Global Impact

People from all 6 inhabited continents have chosen to make a Big Impact around the globe by Packing for a Purpose. This way of expressing gratitude through the generous giving of supplies has provided meaningful benefits to over 400 community projects. Packing for a Purpose is simple and easy—making it possible for everyone to participate. Simple and easy and the human ability to choose to express gratitude has driven our enormous growth. We have grown from 29 projects in 2010 to over 400 projects currently.

Our 4G Network will continue to grow and thrive, even in the face of challenges we currently face with COVID-19. This virus is causing a negative, hopefully temporary, effect not only to those infected but to the entire travel community. We hope when you do travel, you will always choose to Pack for a Purpose. That will make your mother happy and proud.

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