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Together, We Can Do More

‘Together, We Can Do More

It is this shared sentiment that has made MORE Family Collection’s (MFC) partnering with Pack for a Purpose a match made in ‘ubuntu’.

Through this global initiative, our guests from all over the world pack much-needed supplies for our MORE Community Trust (MCT) school projects, which are supported by the MFC lodges and hotels guests will be staying at. All of our properties are listed on the Pack for a Purpose website along with their associated project/s’ wish lists. Guests may come for a brief visit, but when they Pack for a Purpose, their stay leaves a lasting impression (a ‘heart-print’) our communities.

“Through Pack for a Purpose guests are able to meet the real needs of rural schools and directly contribute to solving the challenges they face. Because this takes place in communities where our programmes run, we are able to jointly contribute to the long-term benefit it will have on the children’s education.” – Minenhle Moyo, MCT Community Liaison Manager

We care about our local communities and our social development arm, MCT works with them to give their people opportunities and a better quality of life. MCT does this by offering a hand up (rather than a hand out) and all of MCT’s development projects involve the active participation of community members, ensuring the projects are self-sustainable and viable well into the future.


But without the generosity of our guests who come to stay at our lodges and hotels (a portion of revenue also goes to MCT) this work would not be possible. Every guest who has taken the time to buy a few supplies and save space for them in their luggage brings with them more than just donations – they bring hope to school children for a brighter future and a reminder that they are cared for and supported.

We have regular check-ins of guests who participate in Pack for a Purpose. They always bring something along with them to donate to the needs of our projects and no matter how small, the big smiles from the children and teachers shows how much this means to them. More often than not, our guests’ contributions exceed all expectations:

“Injongo Educare had sufficient stationary, first aid supplies, and personal hygiene products throughout 2019!”

“Having the teachers and children not worry about basic supplies of learning materials means they can all focus in and out of the classroom.”

“Receiving playing equipment from guests for our kids to enjoy outdoor educational activities has made teaching and learning fun, and we are so appreciative!”

“Last December, our Pack for a Purpose guests spread a little holiday cheer by donating Babygros to new moms at Matikwana Hospital on Christmas day – their excitement was heartwarming.”

For many of our guests who ask: “How can I make a difference?” Pack for a Purpose has given them another way to get involved in a way that has a long-lasting, positive effect. For the children, parents and teachers in our communities, knowing that the children’s educational needs are taken care of is a huge weight of their shoulders that allows them to work towards securing a better future with optimism.

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