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Pack for a Purpose, Change a Child’s Life

We at Ka’ana are firm believers that our children are our future. That’s why we’ve partnered with Pack for a Purpose, an international non-profit that helps the travel industry support local schools and other community projects.

Our relationship with the organization began in 2011, when our staff decided to do something for the children at Holy Cross Elementary School, a mere ten minutes down the road in Calla Creek Village. Of the school’s 70-plus students, all between the ages of 4 and 13, only a handful could afford tuition. The school doesn’t turn children away, though, so it suffered from a severe lack of resources. After visiting, and witnessing the poor shape of its preschool restrooms, Ka’ana resolved to repair them as our first project. Since then, the school has become dear to us, and guests have picked up on the close connection. When they learned that the school needed supplies, travelers sent them to us, or brought them in their suitcases on their next visit.

Through Pack for a Purpose, we’re now able to substantially increase our giving. We’ve launched new initiatives, including another bathroom, an organic garden—to promote sustainability and nutrition—and a sports program. And you can participate, too!

How? There are a few ways. One is to help our fundraising efforts to continue to support the school with a scholarship fund, sports program and environmental program. Another is to join us on our frequent visits to the school to help refurbish classrooms. A third option is to literally “Pack for a Purpose.” Save some room in your luggage to bring along much needed classroom supplies, including chalk, construction paper, colored pencils, pencils, rulers, and solar-powered calculators. We’re also looking for English dictionaries, storybooks and math flashcards, along with working laptops. And of course, the children love to play outside, so sports supplies like frisbees, jump ropes, basketballs and soccer balls are always appreciated. Pro tip: pack the balls deflated to take up less space in your suitcase.

Next time you travel, visit our page on the Pack for a Purpose website for our complete needs list.

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