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The Courtleigh’s PfaP Guests Uplift the Jamaican Community

“Be the sun in someone’s dark sky” is a quote that reflects The Courtleigh Hotel and Suites efforts to always try to uplift persons when they need it the most. We believe that the good deed you do today will allow for a greater tomorrow and, as such, we have been a part of the Pack for a Purpose programme for over 5 years. We have always been thrilled to allow guests to make their travel more meaningful, especially our business travelers who yearn to do as much as they can when they visit us. It is also our pleasure to play our part in helping our community and assist in their development.

Through the Pack for A Purpose programme we have been able to assist five charities based in Kingston, Jamaica such as the Missionaries of the Poor, Alpha Boys Institute, Open Arms Development Centre, Food for The Poor and The Marie Atkins Shelter.

Each of these charities support varying individuals such as the homeless, youth and persons in Jamaican communities who need assistance.

Our guests have been very supportive in providing donations that have been presented to the charities each month. Through the Pack for a Purpose programme guests have been able to supply personal items, school supplies, games or activities and other items requested by the charity to assist them.

The programme has also given us an opportunity to engage our staff in meaningful projects and allow them to have even greater memories while working with us. Our staff members have assisted in packaging all donations and at times, visiting the homes to present.

Without our guests this programme would not have been successful and we appreciate every donation they have brought. It is through their generosity that we uplift communities and by extension Jamaica.

It is through these contributions as well that the charities have been able to effectively perform their tasks and further assists the persons staying with them.

It is through the contributions received in January through March we were able to start our COVID-19 Relief project “Spread A Smile”. This “Spread a Smile” project was a donation drive of food items given by our kind-hearted team members in addition to the hotels contribution to support the Marie Atkins Night Shelter. It provides solace for over 100 men and women each night in the Kingston area. The Poor Relief Department states that at least half of the hundreds who roam Kingston’s streets in the day and sleep wherever they can in the night are mentally stable. While most just cannot afford to pay their rent, some are drug addicts and/or deportees. Others are victims of natural disasters, such as fires or hurricanes that prevent them from returning to their homes.

Personal and sanitary items donated through the PfaP programme and the hotels contributions in total amounted to over half (1/2) a million dollars’ worth of items to support over 120 homeless Jamaicans during the time of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is still affecting communities and we want to continue playing our part in assisting them. We look forward to welcoming all our guests and encourage them now more than ever to support our charities who need assistance during these difficult times.

We want to thank Rebecca and her team for an amazing initiative to helping communities globally and her continued support of the projects we sponsor in Jamaica.

To learn more about the specific items you can donate to our projects you can visit our PfaP page, which can be found under the tab ‘Select a Destination’ > ‘Caribbean’ > ‘Jamaica’ > ‘The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites.’

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