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PfaP by the Numbers: The Year of COVID

2020 has been a devastating year for people around the world and most certainly for the travel industry. However, even in 2020, there have been positive developments. On the plus side, we have added 20 new Participants this year.

PfaP travelers brought 1,426 kilos (3,137 lbs) of supplies to support community projects at the destinations they visited before travel stopped in mid-March. A few Participants received supplies after March as well, totaling 1,432 kilos (3150 lbs).

2020 Year of COVID-19

As we have done every year, we sent our Participants requests for information about the weight of the supplies they had received at the beginning of May. By then, almost all of our participants were working remotely. Many of our participants did not have a chance to report the supplies they received during the first months of 2020. They did not have access to that information. We are confident our Participants received more supplies than they could report.

PfaP travelers have delivered supplies in the Dominican Republican for the projects sponsored by the Puntacana Foundation (pictured above). After nine months of COVID, Pack for a Purpose is hearing from Participants who have had to close their businesses. We are pleased that, so far, only a handful of our participants have had to close down. Regretfully, we do anticipate losing additional Participants in the months ahead.

Many PfaP participants, with great determination, have continued to care for their communities by supplying basic necessities. This is another reason of why we are so proud to promote the work our Participants’ do in their community. For example, the Courtleigh Hotel in Jamaica started the COVID-19 Relief project, “Spread A Smile,” with the help of supplies delivered by PfaP travelers in January-March (pictured below).

On the plus side, we are receiving emails from travelers who have planned trips in 2021. These travelers are choosing to Pack for a Purpose. They will be packing supplies for community projects in Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic. We hope that both travelers and destinations will multiply in the months ahead.

Another plus is that several of our Participants are able to receive packages shipped to their offices in the United States. The packages are then sent onward with supplies for those properties. The Sandals Foundation, for example, has received packages from former PfaP travelers. There are many travelers who still wish to support the projects on our website even if they cannot visit the communities. If there are other participants on our website that have their own foundations that you would like to ship supplies to, please contact them directly. They can let you know what is feasible.

Caring and generosity have multiplied greatly in 2020. We are confident this will continue in 2021. Acknowledging our humanity and assisting in the ways we are able to, enriches both us and the world. Being a PfaP traveler equates to a more meaningful travel experience.

As travel continues to increase, we hope you will consider the Big Impact you can make when you choose to Pack for a Purpose.

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