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Goodwill Crosses Frontiers

Sandos Hotels & Resorts celebrates being the choice of responsible travelers.

Why do we celebrate a hotel business in Mexico?

– Through our commitment and ethics, Sandos Hotels and Resorts defines itself as a socially responsible company with a deep gratitude for our guests. Many of our guests choose to break the mold of a traditional tourism experience, instead choosing to be socially responsible and active tourists.

– We acknowledge that we are co-responsible for our reality. Thanks to Pack for a Purpose, we have provided school materials for populations that have limited access to those supplies. Sandos Hotels & Resorts guests have been generous enough to pack requested supplies in their suitcases which we then deliver to native Mayan communities. Guests provide more than supplies – they provide a source of inspiration to the Mayan communities with their suitcases full of dreams.

– Sandos Hotels and Resorts is a company which believes in transnational goodwill, delivering supplies, packed and donated by guests, to the program Help Up to Help.

The fundamental focus of the Sandos Foundation is environmental education and advocating for sustainable social development. We do this by:

– Supporting MOCE Yacuxtal AC, an organization which promotes environmental responsibility and conservation through education about sustainability.

– Supporting Cooperative Xyaat works to achieve sustainability in the state of Quintana Roo within 12 Mayan communities. Xyaat’s program, “Pajareando,” educates approximately 60 girls and boys about flora and fauna conservation, using the traditional wisdom of the communities Mayans.

– We also encourage students’ to complete their basic studies and learn the English language, which enables them to expand their world.

Along with other beneficiary organizations and schools, together we can give more smiles and help strengthen vulnerable groups.

Thanks to more than 150 families who have Packed for a Purpose at Sandos, an amazing total of 7962.2 kg (17,553.65 lbs) of supplies between our four properties have been delivered around Mexico. These supplies have benefitted more than 2,441 children from 6 to 12 years old with their school materials.

While delivering donated supplies to the projects Sandos supports, we have found gifts of gratitude, such as letters from travelers. Students who have received packages appreciate them as they now have a first-hand experience of people’s generosity from a place they had only previously learned about in books. This donations bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

The disparities of access to opportunities and equality is a reality in our communities. At Sandos, we ask ourselves how we can connect to one another despite the disparities, which have worsened due to the pandemic. We believe we have an obligation to help Mayan communities and that’s why we encourage all our guests to Pack for a Purpose. We are inspired by the many guests who choose to do so!

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