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Brent Furrow’s Story

It is wonderful to know that a pilot has Packed for a Purpose. We trust Brent will share our website with his fellow pilots and inspire them with his generosity. We hope all pilots will choose to make the miles they fly go even farther by Packing for Purpose.

We originally planned a family vacation to Jamaica, but as coronavirus cases kept escalating, the government ordered a “do not travel” red advisory, so we elected at the last minute to switch our vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We found a different school supported by Sandos Caracol Eco Resort and chose supplies from their needs list. We were then able to still reach children in need by Packing for a Purpose.

As an airline pilot, I travel extensively and wear out at least one suitcase every year. The tired old bag I packed and donated was one of my old suitcases that’s logged tens of thousands of miles on countless flights all throughout The Americas and Caribbean. Stitching was coming apart, screws were missing, and most of the zippers were long since torn off, but it served an important role in one final journey from Saint Louis to Dallas to Cancun to bring crayons, pencils, calculators, scissors, first aid kids, notebooks, and other much needed supplies.

Through God’s gift of travel and the financial resources he blessed us with, we are thankful for the opportunity to love and serve others, and give all glory and honor to the Lord. We hope this blessing may serve as an inspiration for other travelers to engage with the Pack for a Purpose mission in their future journeys.

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