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From Botswana to Belize and Honduras and from Cuba to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, PfaP Travelers are Making a Big Impact!


In the last several months, travel has been opening up and Pack for a Purpose travelers have opened up their hearts as well. Giving back to a community, no matter the amount of time you spend there, is more important now than ever. Gratitude is a universal emotion and expressing gratitude benefits both the giver and the receiver. It connects us as people in positive ways and affirms that while many aspects of our lives are different, kindness is always understood.

Pack for a Purpose wants to extend our gratitude to the travelers who donated requested supplies to support the projects featured in the photos below for choosing to make a Big Impact on their journeys.

Wilderness Safaris has been with Pack for a Purpose since the launch of the website. Their project, Children in the Wilderness (CITW), is an environmental and life skills education program focusing on the next generation of rural decision makers. It is the grass roots initiative of Wilderness Safaris and one of the few programs aimed at bridging the divide that exists between communities and wildlife. CITW is supported by 23 locations across five countries in Africa, all of which are listed on the Pack for a Purpose website.

Cahal Pech Village Resort in Belize joined Pack for a Purpose two years ago, only a month before the pandemic began, yet due to the generosity of Pack for a Purpose travelers, they have received supplies for their project, Sacred Heart Primary School. Sacred Heart provides education to about 600 students from five to 12 years old.

Sister properties Cabañas on Clark’s Cay and Villa on Dunbar Rock both joined in 2017. They support the same two projects, Jose Cecilio del Valle and Modesto Rodar Alvarado schools, serving 400 children from ages 5 through 15 years old, and Guanaja’s First Library and Learning Center.


The tour company P2P joined Pack for a Purpose in 2019. The two projects they support in Cuba are vital to the community. The pharmacy provides and distributes, at no cost, medicine to those in most need from the community. The Mitrani Senior Day Care Center was created for adults who need supervision assistance during the day. The center regularly provides breakfast, lunch, medical and psychological care, physical therapy, and a full schedule of structured activities that enhance the quality of life of the oldest members of the community.

The Lookout Bequia in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines joined Pack for a Purpose in 2019 alongside their projects: Rise Up Bequia, The Sunshine School for Children with Special Needs, Glen’s Pre-School, The Bequia Animal Protection Alliance, Friends of Bequia Hospital, and Bequia Reading Club. Pack for a Purpose is always thrilled when even in the worst of times, travelers choose to show their appreciation to the communities they visit.

In the months, years, and decades ahead, we hope that travelers will visit the Pack for a Purpose website before every trip to learn the opportunity they have to make the trips they take go farther than the miles they travel.

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