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One Love Foundation’s Story

As animal advocates, we are always looking for ways to “maximize our impact”.  Through that thought process, we realized that maximizing our impact was an opportunity to actively support other charities during our travels, without expecting anything in return.

Our research led us to Pack for a Purpose.  We feel it’s crucial to provide support for at risk children.  Children are our future and education is key.  We need these children to learn to be advocates for themselves and the animals.  We chose to bring backpacks full of requested supplies to Bucuti & Tara Beach resort which supports Children’s Home Imeldahof.

Children’s Home Imeldahof offers shelter and guidance for 52 boys and girls from ages 6 through 17 years old, who due to circumstances cannot live with their parents or caregivers. The reasons are usually mental, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, or substance abuse by parents.

We started One Love Foundation about a year and a half ago. The mission of One Love Foundation Inc. is to help change the lives of Aruba’s street animals by generating funds, raising awareness, and educating people.

We also dropped off animal food and supplies with the Animal Relief Foundation. This Foundation is one of the projects supported by Playa Linda, also on Aruba.

We have learned so much over the last year and a half and met so many incredibly dedicated people who put their heart and soul into improving all lives (human & animals) in Aruba. They work tirelessly and give themselves selflessly and they deserve more accolades than we can provide.

Did you know that when organizations run out of supplies, they are literally out….across the entire island?  Aruba is an island – if you are out of supplies, you’re out, when rescues and foster homes are full, they’re full.   They rely heavily on travel and tourism to bring them supplies and we all know the impact the pandemic has had on that lifeline. Sometimes situations present themselves, and if we can help, we will.

Thank you, Aruba, for taking us in like family. We look forward to what the future holds.


“This earth was made for all beings, not just human beings.” – Anonymous

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