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Pack for a Purpose & Naia Resort Making an Impact on Communities in Southern Belize

At Naia Resort and Spa in Placencia, Belize, one of our primary goals is to help our guests create wholesome new experiences that reinvigorate and strengthen their passion and zest for life. This goal is emphasized and expressed through every aspect of our warm, welcoming, and free-spirited nature. It is woven into the fabric of all that we offer and do. We stress not only a connection to nature but also to each other; a oneness with humanity. This oneness is not something we simply preach but something we also strive to practice. One meaningful way is through being an active member of Pack for a Purpose.

Pack for a Purpose encourages travelers to positively impact the places they visit by simply making a small space in their luggage to bring and donate specifically requested items that cater to the needs of each destination they visit. These meaningful contributions go a long way in helping various communities worldwide, including communities in Belize.

As Pack for a Purpose members, we are proud to support the Seine Bight Primary School & Blissful Sage Foundation. Our primary focus is on facilitating this donation process, ensuring the generosity of our welcomed guests makes as much of an impact as possible. Without these guests’ openhearted, charitable nature, our partnership with Pack for a Purpose would not be as successful. Through the generosity of our guests, we have been able to donate school supplies and cleaning supplies to schools in and around our community. These supplies have gone to children at Seine Bight Primary School, St. Paul’s Roman Catholic School, and the Placencia Village Police Unit, who then redistribute and use the supplies in their own afterschool and learning programs to help the needy children of Placencia.

These children have benefited from having brand-new supplies like storybooks, pens, pencils, notebooks, textbooks, crayons, and markers. The supplies have enhanced and promoted their learning in and out of the classroom. Travelers staying with us also understand the need for downtime and the encouragement of creativity. They have gone out of their way to provide coloring books for children to express themselves and foster different avenues of imagination and self-expression. Donated small sporting equipment has also enriched their lives, inspiring more outdoor activities that strengthen the body and the mind.

Being an active member of Pack for a Purpose has enabled Naia to give back to a community that has given us a lot over the years. Because of these communities’ warm and welcoming nature, our guests can genuinely enjoy Belize and fully experience everything our wonderful country offers. Pack for a Purpose has given us an avenue to embody and express our core beliefs while paying it forward and making our community better.

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