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PfaP by the Numbers

Even though the world was still dealing with a pandemic in January of 2021, there were still people compelled to travel who made a Big Impact in this most critical time. Pack for a Purpose was truly encouraged that with everything that was going on, PfaP travelers still made a point of supporting community projects at the destinations they visited. This was a huge plus for communities who found themselves struggling more than ever to meet basic needs in education, health, and animal welfare.

Kindness multiplied throughout 2021 and resulted in a 560% increase in the amount of supplies received in 2020.

While the totals are not yet in for 2022, our participants have reported 4,550 kilos of supplies in the first trimester, with the addition of the next two trimesters, we hope the total amount of supplies will be the largest in the last three years. To make this happen, we hope you will choose to be a Pack for a Purpose traveler on your journeys!

PfaP travelers continue to demonstrate there is a large amount of good will and generosity in the world. We want to express our gratitude to all the travelers who understand, and act on our belief that when you Pack for a Purpose, the trip you take goes farther than the miles you travel.

*We believe in total transparency at PfaP. After reviewing our records, we realized that there had regrettably been mathematical errors in the recording of supplies over the past several years. We have updated the information to be totally accurate on the homepage and in all other mentions of supply data. 

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