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PfaP Supplies Make a Special Landing at Davison’s Camp in Zimbabwe

My name is Vicki Schwebach. I recently returned from a self-fly safari with my friend and Co-Pilot, Pamela Salisbury.

We traveled from San Diego, CA  to Johannesburg, South Africa, with over 35 extra Pack For a Purpose  pounds of Lead Pencils, Colored Pencils, Glue Sticks and Soccer Balls with pumps. We stuffed and crammed and pushed items into every extra nook and cranny. The idea of carrying extra items for a Purpose that would benefit children in the areas we were going to be flying was a rewarding way to fill any extra space we had in our luggage…So how did I find out about Pack for A Purpose?

Over a year ago, Pamela and I started seriously planning to do a Self-Fly Safari. We would begin in South Africa and fly ourselves to Botswana and Zimbabwe. Both of us are pilots and I am a commercial pilot for a major US carrier. I had to collect my flying credentials and send them into a company we were working with located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Upon arrival, I was given a short course on flying in South Africa, their special airspace rules, and all of the various nuances particular to South Africa flying that are very different then flying in the US. I was then given a validation check flight and a temporary African Pilots license. We had our own wings!! What can we bring, how can we help? We had our own wings to fly us to 6 different locations throughout Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Lets Go!!

I always knew if I looked hard enough, I could find an organization I could connect with in order to help those we would come across during our journey. I chanced upon Pack for a Purpose as I was researching this endeavor. I managed to reach Ms. Rebecca Rothney, Founder and Chairperson for Pack for a Purpose!  She put me in Contact with Ms. Sarah Adams, located at Davidson’s Camp, Zimbabwe. Sarah instructed us on how to pack our items, she mentioned what the children needed most and what they did not need. Although Sarah could not physically be there during our short stay, we were able to deliver our goods to the Camp Director, and our Guide Mr. LoveMor, who accepted them.

Pamela and I made our way thru Kasane, Botswana…Victoria Falls…Davidson’s Camp, in the Hwange National Park….and then onwards.

Throughout this journey, I have gained an immense admiration for the people and the beautiful animals we saw to the land that at times could be as unforgiving as the weather. An admiration for as Pack for a Purpose who promotes the care and giving to those in need of just a little more! I couldn’t be prouder to take our little bit to add to the bigger picture. Thank you PfaP for giving us an opportunity to contribute to a wonderful cause!!

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