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Brown Family Story

Thank you!  We enjoyed purchasing items and bringing them to Turks and Caicos with our boys. I explained to my 7-year-old son that the schools there didn’t have the things on the list and let him choose what to bring. He picked the things he loves like soccer balls, jump ropes, calculators, and Band-Aids. He even added his own $5 allowance. It was really great to include a service opportunity on our vacation.

I forgot to include the card in our bag. We didn’t stay at a resort that participated, and I actually had to send the bag over in a cab because our trip was unexpectedly cut short.  But I called Beaches and they were really nice about it and said they would take care of it. I hope the supplies find their way to the schools! We will definitely do it again on our next trip! Thanks so much, happy holidays!

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