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Allstars in Cheering, Allstars in Giving

Two women standing in a doorway smiling. One woman has her arm wrapped around the other.

To whom much is given, much is required. We excel at giving back! Athletes at Cheer Supreme Allstars participate in multiple service projects annually.  Charde’ Alexander, the owner and CEO of Cheer Supreme Allstars received an invitation to Belize from a parent in the program who is a resident of Naia Resort.  In researching the resort, she learned of Pack for Purpose and the need for school supplies and toiletry items.

Nineteen girls in cheer uniform standing on a stage under purple and blue light.

We solicited donations for Packing for a Purpose within our program.  The girls were excited about the opportunity to share Cheer Supreme love with students and teachers in Belize.  It was rewarding to witness the spirit of giving and just how much it has become an integral part of the culture here at Cheer Supreme Allstars.  We encourage our athletes to be leaders and to strive for excellence both on and off the floor.  The enormous success of the Belize Pack for a Purpose project was nothing short of amazing.   We are so proud of the Cheer Supreme family for generously donated to the cause.

A suitcase full of feminine sanitary supplies.

Items donated were newly purchased by program participants.  Items such as bookbags, crayons, pencils, paper, tennis balls, and sanitary napkins (to name a few).  We were excited to receive and donate a tumbling mat from The Little Pink Mat.  The tumbling mat is uniquely crafted to assist youth in learning to tumble.  Two of our athletes visited the school and provided tumbling demonstrations for the students.  It was obvious the children were not familiar with tumbling, but were instantly intrigued by the girls and their skills. The girls felt proud seeing the reaction of the students as they shared their talents.

A young girl holding a backpack featuring a character from Minions.

We collected so much more than expected, so it was challenging to get the items to the destination.  Getting through customs was initially discouraging, but we later learned that no other organization had donated as much.  The excitement on the faces of the children and staff were so special.  The opportunity to visit the school truly filled our hearts with gratitude.  It was our pleasure to bless the children in Belize.  Not only was our travel experience enhanced but our lives were enhanced.  We returned to the States with ideas for more service projects.

A suitcase full of toothbrushes, calculators, crayons, and toothpaste. Other various supplies including a bottle of Tide sit nearby.

We are honored to be able to share our experience in hopes that the spirit of giving will be contagious and inspire others to extend acts of kindness.

Three adults and two girls stand in front of a hotel smiling with their arms around one another.

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