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Nancy’s Story

My husband turned 55 a few weeks ago and to celebrate I booked a 7 night Caribbean cruise out of Barbados. I booked a hotel for one night in Rockley prior to the cruise and another night in Holetown upon our return. Barbados and the Caribbean definitely exceeded our expectations.

While planning for our holiday, I discovered Pack for a Purpose and after visiting the website I knew I wanted to help any way I could. What a concept, to go on a vacation, with a purpose to help other people. I volunteer for several organizations in my community, so this was right up my alley.

I chose to help with education by collecting much needed school supplies for school children in Barbados. I purchased a total of 10 pounds in erasers, pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, rulers, pencil cases, lined paper, various activity books (math  reading  writing) and geometry kits. I coordinated with hotel staff at South Beach Hotel for a drop off time and later decided to stay at the hotel instead of the one I had originally booked.

Everything fit into a small carry on suitcase, which I ended up having to check in at the airport. The agent who checked us in was so kind to waive the baggage charge after I had mentioned that we were bringing school supplies for children in Barbados through Pack for a Purpose.

12 hours later we finally arrived in Barbados at the South Beach hotel. I met with the hotel manager to hand over the bag of school supplies and have some photos taken. The staff were very welcoming and thankful for the supplies. Before I knew it, the experience was over; but the way that I felt after being able to participate in this mission will stay with me forever. I plan on continuing to support Pack for a Purpose in many other countries on my future travels, because there is nothing like being able to Pack for a Purpose.

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