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Bianca and Neil’s Story

When we stayed at Arathusa in South Africa, we had the opportunity to visit the project they support, the Hananani Primary School, and deliver supplies. We had a great time at the school, absolutely loved the children.  So cute and they loved us, there must have been 10,000 high fives given and received.

The head teacher was lovely, she explained how the school works etc. and took us on a tour. She also took us to, and explained about how it works, the vegetable garden and we got to meet the gardener also.  They were very happy to explain everything and we were impressed how much they can do with so little money.

Fortunately, we had gotten in with a group of 4 other ladies, 2 from Washington DC and a mother and adult daughter from Scotland at Arathusa, and we invited them along.  They were more than pleased to accompany us – so here’s hoping they will spread the word about their visit to others who may also look up PFAP and contribute at some stage.

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