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At Multiple Destinations, One Family’s Continuing Generosity Makes a Big Impact

Over 8 years ago, our family was planning a unique trip to Costa Rica. We knew how fortunate we were to be able to visit and experience a completely different culture from our own. When researching different parts of the country, we learned that like the United States, Costa Rica had many needs in the form of basic living supplies. Our hotel in La Fortuna supported Hogarcito, a local orphanage, through the amazing program called, “Pack for a Purpose”. The concept is simple, yet so impactful. Simply use a small amount of space in your luggage to pack supplies needed by community projects around the world. After delivering over 20 pounds of supplies to Hogarcito, we were overjoyed to know that we were helping a group of small children enjoy basic school supplies and knew that we would vow to participate in this program any time we traveled.

Our second- and third-time volunteering for Pack for a Purpose was a few years ago in the Cayman Islands. Both times we donated to a school that was in desperate need of books and school supplies. Seeing the smile on the students faces when they received the supplies is priceless and a picture we will never forget. One of the lessons my husband and I try to teach our daughters is the act of altruism. All it takes is a little bit of effort, planning, and a small amount of money to help others in this world. It is so easy to become consumed in our day-to-day “busy-ness” that you need to take a step back and think of others. We try to think of this program the same way we bring a housewarming gift to a host/hostess. Just like when we bring a dessert or a bottle of wine if someone has us over for dinner, we feel like if we are fortunate enough to visit someone else’s country, then we should arrive with a gift.

Our daughter Mackenzie says that when she places her luggage on the scale at the airport when checking her bags, she enjoys knowing what is truly inside. “I love knowing that we took the time to understand the community project’s wish list. We know the effort it took to shop and pack the requested pounds of supplies to directly benefit the kids who truly need it. It brings us joy to know that what we are bringing will be put to much better use than packing extra clothes and shoes that are typically brought “just in case”. My sister and I attend a private school that teaches us to Live Mercy and Seek Justice. This program puts those words into action. We are lucky that our family loves to travel and have enjoyed all 4 times that we have made an impact for another country.”

Our most recent trip to Aruba was this past March 2023. We chose to support the Casa Cuna local orphanage through Pack for a Purpose because we love to help children in need. It is so encouraging to see others in the world working together to make a difference. We are looking forward to our next adventure and will always plan on checking local communities to support through this amazing program!

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