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The Walcher Family Story

My husband and I  went to Placencia, Belize on a cruise over Thanksgiving Break. We researched on the PfaP  website what supplies were needed (one local elementary school was supported by 2 different resorts). I posted on the cruise Facebook page that we would be delivering our supplies and that if others wanted to contribute, we would be happy to bring theirs, as well.  We came back to our cabin two different nights to find backpacks and school supplies donated anonymously.

 We had Packed for a Purpose several times before including Turks & Caicos and South Africa. This time we had the incredible opportunity to visit the school.  We took the ferry to town (the ticket agent had attended St. John’s Memorial!) such a small world. As we were heading to the school, another couple asked what we were doing. It turns out the wife was a director of a Preschool back home in Texas so they asked if they could “tag along”-and wound up donating, too. Not only that, once there, they donated 100 t-shirts to be emblazoned with student artwork!

We met several children , one of whom directed us to Teacher Lovey’s office, the principal. The ferry agent had given me the principal’s name.  Teacher Lovely looked really pleased when she saw the art supplies and excited about the shirt donations.

 This was extra special-because others became involved and because we got to meet the principal and see the excitement that the donations generated.  As a teacher, I firmly believe in education and in giving back.  We loved this opportunity. Now this couple , and many others on our cruise, know about Pack for a Purpose! 


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