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Stunning Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Pack for a Purpose- the Perfect Place for Impactful Travel

25 years ago, Scott and I were married in Paradise Bay, Antarctica. Scott chose Antarctica because he always wanted to go there, the penguins were already dressed up and he wouldn’t have to be. However, Scott prefers warm climates (I guess because he comes from Wisconsin), so for our anniversary this year, we chose Playa del Carmen in Mexico as our destination.

With great joy, Scott and I were able to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and Pack for a Purpose at the same time. We always try to Pack for a Purpose whenever we travel, as it does make the trip we take go farther than the miles we travel. Sandos Caracol was our choice of accommodation, as we thoroughly enjoy nature. Sandos definitely lives up to its name of being an Eco Resort! We were surrounded by nature, both flora and fauna, adding a sense of joy and harmony to our Anniversary.

All the Sandos properties have been a part of Pack for a Purpose for many years. After checking out the needs list for the project they support, I contacted my dear friends Olivia, Cathy, Karen, Ann, and my beloved cousin Charlie who all wished to contribute. Including the supplies Scott and I contributed, we were able to pack three full suitcases of requested items to bring with us to Mexico! As Sandos has their own Foundation in Mexico, they sent us letters to use in case there was an issue with Customs, which fortunately there was not.

We met with Ismerai Martínez, the Manager of the Foundation, a coworker, and Julieta Villalba, Guest Experience Manager, two days after we arrived. The background is the stunning Cenote on the property.

The supplies were brought for Sandos’ project, Ayúdanos a Ayudar. This project helps communities in the Maya Zone, supports local schools, and collaborates with organizations that have objectives that contribute to social development.

On Monday night, we had dinner with Ismerai at Los Lirios, one of several restaurants at the resort. We spent the evening learning more about the work of the Foundation. Ismerai is quite an amazing and impressive woman, with a Masters degree in Social Responsibility. Her dedication and commitment to the community was evident throughout our conversation. It was a joy to finally meet in person, as we had been emailing each other for quite some time. Indicative of her caring, she arranged to have a cake made to celebrate our special occasion. We were delightfully surprised, and the cake was delicious!

All supplies donated by PfaP travelers are sorted by the staff and then delivered out into the community. The generosity of PfaP travelers continues to make a Big Impact in the Riviera Maya area. When travelers choose to Pack for a Purpose, they have the added joy of giving back in a meaningful way.

The Foundation itself, also, includes several other projects that benefit the environment by enhancing and protecting the surrounding ecosystem. One project we found especially exciting was the ‘Kaab hive’ that works to preserve biological diversity and guarantee a future for the Melipona bees. These bees are known as the “sacred Mayan bee”. We were excited to be able to see the bees on our walking safari on the property. The Mayan people have cultivated the Melipona bees for hundreds of years. Not only does their honey provide medicinal properties, but the bees contribute to the health of the jungle in Quintana Roo by playing a crucial role in pollination for plants and trees.

Scott and I were extremely pleased to learn firsthand, from Ismerai, the deep commitment and depth of projects the Sandos Foundation has for the people in its surrounding communities. The warm winds, the delectable delicacies, and the non-stop nature all provided an amazing experience. The icing on our anniversary cake was being able to Pack for a Purpose and leave behind an expression of our gratitude for the hospitality we received!

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