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Supplies Received

PfaP by the Numbers

With great delight, when we added up the pounds and kilos of supplies for 2023, they had grown exponentially since 2022. While there was a slight minus in the totals for the second trimester, the overall percentage was most positive. PfaP travelers provided 20,428 kilos of needed supplies to community projects around the world in 2023. We... Continue reading

PfaP by the Numbers

In every culture, specific numbers are viewed as positive or negative. In 2020, the number 19 is seen as a negative number globally. COVID-19 has dramatically altered travel and everything connected with those who benefit from this industry. Pack for a Purpose travelers have been a plus for many years now to the communities they... Continue reading

PfaP by the Numbers

At Pack for a Purpose our favorite math is addition and multiplication. We are always thrilled when the number of supplies multiplies every year and we add more and more Pack for a Purpose travelers who choose to make a Big Impact. 2018 was a very positive year for the community projects that benefit from... Continue reading

PfaP by the Numbers – The Plus and Minus of it All

At Pack for a Purpose (PfaP), we are committed to total transparency. We want all PfaP travelers to be able to trust the information on our website and to trust that the supplies they take are being delivered to the projects they were taken for. Because of this, while our favorite activity is addition, we... Continue reading