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PfaP by the Numbers

In every culture, specific numbers are viewed as positive or negative. In 2020, the number 19 is seen as a negative number globally.

COVID-19 has dramatically altered travel and everything connected with those who benefit from this industry. Pack for a Purpose travelers have been a plus for many years now to the communities they visit. In 2019, there was a 36.12% increase in the total weight of supplies delivered compared to 2018. This will not be the case for 2020.

We are certain that when travel resumes, PfaP travelers will once again make a Big Impact where they visit, and the need for those supplies will be greater than ever.

The numbers for supplies received from January to the end of April 2020 decreased by 89% from the same time period in 2019. This does not reflect a lack of generosity from Pack for a Purpose travelers but rather two issues. The first is a shortened time period when travel was possible. The second is the inability, due to the closure of offices, of many of our participants to access their records and reply to us. We are most grateful those participants which were able to reply to us even in these extremely difficult times. Pack for a Purpose travelers took over 1,400 kilos of needed supplies from January 1 through early March 2020.

We hope as 2020 unfolds, the number of COVID-19 casualties and patients will decrease and the number of countries open to travelers will increase. Then, once again, generosity and gratitude will spread around the globe.

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