Chobe Elephant Camp

Project #1

The Medical Help Project is a mobile clinic which works with the general hospital in Maun (Letsholathebe) to come on a monthly basis to check on the health of community members, as well as, staff members. Most of the community cannot afford to travel or are too old, or too sick to travel the six hour round trip to the hospital every month to receive their I.E BP medications. This project helps the community in a huge way.

An asterisk (*) before an item indicates this item is most urgently needed.


General Medical:
Ace Bandages, Alcohol Swabs/Wipes, Band-Aids, Blood Pressure Cuff (‘Sphygmomanometer’), Blood Pressure Cuff (‘Sphygmomanometer’) -Digital, First Aid Kits, Gauze, Giving Sets, Hot Packs, Ice/Cold Packs, Pen-Torches/Flashlights, Sanitary Napkins, Thermometers (Digital), Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste

Testing Kits:
Malaria Testing Kits (‘RDTs’-Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits with Reagent), and Pregnancy Testing Kits

*Alcohol Gel, *Antibacterial Ointment, Anti-Diarrhea Medication, *Antifungal Cream, Antihistamine, *Aspirin, *Burn Cream, Cough Treatments, Ear Drops, Eye Drops, First Aid Spray, Folic Acid, *Hydrocortisone Cream, Magnesium Sulfate Paste, Oral Rehydration Salts, Paracetamol, *Permethrin (Scabies Cream), Vitamins, and Zinc Tablets

Specifically for Children:
*Baby Blankets, *Baby Oil, *Baby Powder, *Baby Soap, *Cannulas (Particularly Pediatric Cannulas and Giving Set), *Cloth Diapers and Clips, *Foepostoscope (Fetoscope), *Hats (for Premature Babies), *Infant Formula Milk (Seal Intact), and *Newborn Clothes (Very Useful)

Bed Linens, Pillows, and Towels

Support Equipment:
Solar Lantern Lights

Project #2

Bana Ba Letsatsi is a home away from home for children, helping children who either have no parents, or children whose parents are sick or cannot support them. This project feeds, clothes, teaches, and takes care of the children. We are proud to be able to support and work with Bana Ba Letsatsi

An asterisk (*) before an item indicates this item is most urgently needed.


General School Supplies:
*Book Bags, *Colored Pencils, *Crayons, *Erasers, *Handheld Pencil Sharpeners, *Markers, *Pencils, *Pencil Cases/Bags, and *Solar Lantern Lights

Reference Materials:
(English) *Dictionaries and *Encyclopedias

Flash Cards:
(English) *Alphabet, *Math, and *Word

Text/Reading Books:
(English) *Age Appropriate Story Books and *Heath

Computer Hardware/Software:
Flash Drives/Memory Sticks, Solar-Powered Working Laptops, and Working Laptops

Educational Games/Toys:
Connect Four, Stuffed Animals/Soft Toys, and Puzzles

Sports/Outdoor Activity:
Frisbees, Jump Ropes, Netball/Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Team Uniforms/Kits for Soccer, and Tennis Balls

*New or Gently Used Children’s Clothing and Shoes

Plastic Serving Bowls, Cups, and Plates

Project #3

The Bush Ways foundation Funds the Khwai Gunners which is Soccer team made out of young men from Khwai, Maun, Sankuyo. These are men who want to better themselves and maybe one day go far in the sports area (professional soccer) as well make a positive influence in the younger generation. They have so far won the second division premier league and we hope to continue offering our support in order for them to go even further.

An asterisk (*) before an item indicates this item is most urgently needed.


Text/Reading Books:
(English) Health

Sports/Outdoor Activity:
Jump Ropes, *Soccer Balls, *Team Uniforms/Kits for Soccer, and Whistles

Health/Personal Grooming:
Antibiotic Ointments, Band-Aids, Deodorant, and Multivitamin Tablets

Project #4

One of our latest projects is the development and continuous support of a preschool in the Kavimba Village, close to Chobe Elephant Camp. A retired and passionate teacher, named Caroline, is operating her own little preschool underneath a beautiful shady tree in her own backyard in the Kavimba Village. She is teaching more than 30 kids ages 2 through 6 years old with the deep believe that education is the most important thing to give to the young children of this area. Further she is also a day mother for some of them, since they are orphans. When Bush Ways first visited Caroline, we were impressed by her passion and her care for her pupils. It was just great to see how much fun these kids had while practicing writing and reading. To improve the situation and to provide a solid ground for education, Bush Ways, with the help of its supporters, is now aiming to build a preschool for Caroline and her kids and also provide her with all the hardware a school needs to operate on a long-term basis.


General School Supplies:
Book Bags, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Erasers, Glue Sticks, Handheld Pencil Sharpeners, Markers, Pencils, Pencil Cases/Bags, and Rulers

Flash Cards:
(English) Alphabet, Math, and Word

Wall Charts:
(English) Human Body, Language, Math, and World Maps

Text/Reading Books:
(English) Age-Appropriate Story Books

Art Supplies:
Acrylic Brushes and Paints, and Watercolor Brushes and Paints

Computer Hardware/Software:

Educational Games/Toys:
Bananagrams, Scrabble, and Stuffed Animals/Soft Toys

Music Instruments:
Maracas, Tambourines, and Triangles

Sports/Outdoor Activity:
Jump Ropes, Netball/Basketballs, Soccer Balls, and Tennis Balls

New or Gently Used Children’s Clothing and Shoes

First Aid/Health:
Antibiotic Ointment and Band-Aids

Bowls, Plastic Serving Bowls, Plastic Serving Cups, Plastic Serving Plates, and Serving Spoons

Initiatives Supported

All the needs are current as of December 9, 2018

Listed on this page are the specific needs requested by the community project(s) so you can choose exactly what to pack for a purpose and express your gratitude to the local community with the supplies you take them.

Candy and balloons are not on the needs list as they are harmful for the children and the environment for the following reasons:
• Few of the children benefiting from these projects have access to toothpaste, toothbrushes, or a dentist. The candy promotes cavities.
• The balloons once they become deflated are a choking hazard for local wildlife.

Instead of taking candy or balloons, use that space for additional requested supplies, as they are priceless.