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To see the project(s) supported by our participants and their needs list, click on the specific link below for that accommodation or tour company.
Note: Locations are approximated. If you see a lodging that is misplaced or missing, please contact us.

Facts about Botswana

Travelers planning an international vacation look to Botswana for its vast, scrub-covered savannah that is teeming with wildlife. This African destination brings visitors who want to view the majestic plains and their natural inhabitants, including zebra and wildebeest. Several National Parks offer great locations to view the landscape and experience the wonders of the Botswana environment. Vacationers in Botswana are thrilled and charmed by the sites. For volunteer vacationers and humanitarians packing for Botswana, there are many non-profit groups and service projects in the area that accept donations.

Many of the service projects in Botswana are focused on improving education in African communities. These groups work to provide underprivileged children with basic classroom supplies. Visitors can donate school supplies, including writing utensils and notebooks, to these groups. Other groups work to improve the physical and mental wellness of the communities; these groups work with at-risk and orphaned youth by providing education, counseling, food, and medical attention. Travelers interested in responsible tourism can donate medical supplies and clothing for children.