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To see the project(s) supported by our participants and their needs list, click on the specific link below for that accommodation or tour company.
Note: Locations are approximated. If you see a lodging that is misplaced or missing, please contact us.

Once you choose a lodging from this page, you will be able to see the exact needs requested by the community project so you can choose to pack for a purpose and express your gratitude to the local community with the supplies you bring.

Stories from Nicaragua

Facts about Nicaragua

This Central America destination draws in tourists with its beautiful terrain hidden under a cloudy sky. Vacationers flock to Nicaragua to view the smoking volcanoes, the waves along the beaches, crater lakes, and the hundreds of tropical islets dotting the area. Tourists interested in history and architecture find their way to the churches and museums of Leon, while adventurers head to the cloud forests and waterfalls. Tourists who would like to make a difference in Nicaragua can help a number of non-profit organizations located in the country.

Visitors interested in helping a community in Nicaragua can donate to one of many non-profit organizations. Many of these service projects work to provide better education to the underprivileged children in the area. Humanitarians in Nicaragua can donate school supplies to a number of these groups. These school supplies include writing utensils, notebooks, and other basic classroom supplies. Visitors who want to help improve the wellness in the community can find a number of projects to help. Service groups working with handicapped children collect stuffed animals, books, and art supplies. Several groups work with new mothers and children; volunteers interested in responsible tourism can donate clothing for infants.