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North America


Facts about North America

North America offers an array of vacation and travel options for families planning a getaway and couples looking for a romantic honeymoon venue. Many travelers seeking an international experience head south to Mexico, seeking the warm sun, beautiful coastal scenes, and great sites to explore the beautiful outdoors.

Volunteer vacationers, or voluntourists, looking to pack their bags and head to the incredible landscape of Mexico can easily find an array of non-profit groups and service projects in need of donations. There are plenty of opportunities for tourists and vacationers to have a positive impact on the communities that they visit. Many of the service projects and non-profit groups in Mexico focus on helping children in need. For travelers who are interested in responsible tourism and would like to donate to children in these communities, there are many non-profits accepting donations in the area. Several nutrition centers work to fight malnutrition in the North American communities; some serve upwards of 100 children. These centers happily accept donations of food preparation and cooking items, plateware, and pots and pans. Living centers in the area work to provide toddlers and students with clean places to eat, sleep, and bathe. These centers accept donations of school supplies, clothing, and hygiene items. Schools in the area also accept education donations, including clothing, hygiene products, and basic school supplies.

North America