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Voluminous Volunteer Hours

Pack for a Purpose is sustained by the energy and generosity of our volunteers who keep the website up and running, keep track of the statistics, and continue outreach to lodgings and tour companies around the world. Our volunteers range in age from their twenties to their seventies, both in Raleigh and remotely in other cities across the globe. In 2013, they have a contributed over 3,973 hours of talent and creativity. As the founder of Pack for a Purpose, I want to publically express my gratitude to the volunteers in the photo above, as well as other volunteers who are not pictured. Their time and dedication help make it possible for travelers to easily find the information they need to bring a meaningful and impactful gift to the communities they visit. Since the inception of Pack for a Purpose, our committed volunteers have given over 13,231 hours to make sure Pack for a Purpose provides accurate information that travelers can use to make the trips they take go farther than the miles they travel. As the founder of Pack for a Purpose, I wish to acknowledge their dedication and affirm that people do indeed have caring hearts and are committed to making the world better for all. 

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