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PfaP Portrait


Pack for a Purpose is excited to welcome its newest volunteer, Megan Ellisor!

Megan is a junior at NC State studying communication. She is also pursuing minors in Spanish and international studies. She heard about Pack for a Purpose from a former intern in her English internships class, and the organization immediately sparked her interest. We were delighted when Megan called up and volunteered 10 hours a week of her time on top of an already full academic schedule.

Megan enjoys writing and editing and has been working for the Technician, the school newspaper, for three years. Currently, Megan is the Copy Desk Manager. Megan brings all the skills she honed at the newspaper and a multitude of other skills to PfaP.

In addition to editing and uploading photos to the website and managing the content, Megan is also using her skills to increase our social media presence. With the extra time Megan is giving PfaP, we can now focus on expanding Pack for a Purpose’s involvement with study abroad programs so that all college students traveling abroad will consider Packing for a Purpose.

Megan said she is thrilled to work for an organization that helps travelers make a Big Impact around the world. Upon graduation, Megan hopes to find a job that allows her to write and travel frequently while also helping others.

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