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Pack for a Purpose and Outback Adventures Make a Big Impact Together

Outback Adventures Dominican Republic and Pack for a Purpose have been working together for many years. For us, Pack for a Purpose is the perfect opportunity to help those who need it the most, through the kindness of our guests.

Being a Pack for a Purpose participant represents the perfect way to show our gratitude to the people who have given us so much through our more than 22 years in the business.

Pack for a Purpose inspires visitors to make space in their luggage to bring donations of needed supplies that we generally take for granted, but that for others are so significant.

Outback Adventures DR creates and provides experiences that take our visitors to the heart of the rural communities in the Dominican Republic, so they can learn about our traditions, customs and the warmth of our people. A hotel could be anywhere but to really get to know the country visited is a unique experience.

We take pride in being part of the communities we visit. We love it because it is very satisfying to be the bridge to facilitate that connection between our guests, who wish to do help, and those who need it the most.

This winter season, thanks to our guests, we collected over 500 pounds (227.27 kgs) of donations. Most donations were school supplies, which were donated to the 7 schools we sponsor. May guests also donated basic medical supplies for rural clinics on the countryside. From a pencil to a bottle of vitamins or a toothbrush, every single time we were welcome with smiles.

Many visitors have joined this cause of Packing for a Purpose with Outback Adventures DR and from the bottom of our hearts we want to thanks every single one. ?

It puts a smile on our faces to know there are still many more guests willing to embark on our adventure with their hearts full of kindness, doing their part little by little to make the world a brighter place. We look forward to the emotional moments that we will share with them while helping us to create truly invaluable experiences.

What about you …? Are you ready to join our adventure & Pack for a Purpose?

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