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Princess Hotels Guests Embrace PfaP to Assist the Elderly and Young

In these difficult times, the importance of helping each other is evident. Communities are uniting, neighbors are supporting each other, and solidarity is growing. However, we are also aware that there are communities that need more help and more reinforcements than others, and not only now, but always.

Princess Hotels in the Dominican Republic has a firm commitment to our surrounding communities and our social policy projects, including the 360 Princess and You program. The program is something we do with love and pleasure, coming from our hearts. It is also something that we could not do without the support and generosity of our clients. Every time we have announced a new initiative that needed the help of our clients, they have turned up in an altruistic way, bringing donations and gifts in their suitcases. We also want to highlight that their inspiring generosity has also permeated our collaborators in a personal way, not only under the banner of Princess Hotels, but also individually, as clients collaborate in each of the projects.

Princess Hotels’ social projects try to cover the basic needs of two highly vulnerable groups:

  • On one hand there is our aid to the third age. We like to collaborate with nursing homes by providing personal hygiene items, basic medical supplies (such as cotton, disinfectant, ointments, bandages, etc.), board games, or non-perishable food.
  • On the other hand there are the children.
    • No one can doubt that children are our future. For that future to be prosperous and positive, education plays a fundamental role. That is why we like to collaborate at the start of the school year, with donations to different schools and colleges of school supplies; from work materials such as paintings, calculators, and pens to books, notebooks, and backpacks. We also like to remind our clients of the importance of sports in childhood education, so we also invite you to collaborate with sports equipment.
    • Unfortunately, Christmas is not always happy for all children. At Princess Hotels in the Dominican Republic, we want to help those children to have a magical Christmas and bring a smile to the most disadvantaged children. That is why we collect toys for the little ones in our campaigns.

We have been able to help different communities in our environment throughout the different campaigns; from the Higuey nursing home, 3 public schools, 2 parochial schools, an orphanage, or even the economically depressed community of Matamosquitos.

We highly value the support of Pack for a Purpose in our collaborations, which helps us have a voice and motivate our clients to always travel with a space in their suitcases for their donations.

Traveling is a pleasure that turns into a double benefit when you travel with a purpose. You travel with an idea of being able to help those most in need. It does not cost anything to leave space in the suitcases for some toys, or notebooks, or products of basic hygiene, which you can then hand over to our customer service staff, who keep and classify it to donate to different projects. So no matter what month of the year you travel, we always have an ongoing campaign and we have the support of Pack for a Purpose, which inspires new travelers aware of the future.

If you want to learn more about Princess Hotels’ programs in the Caribbean not only Dominican Republic, please visit our website.

We hope to see you all again soon traveling with a purpose and Packing for a Purpose.

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