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Scorpion Bay Hotel Promotes a Community of Giving that PfaP Travelers Embrace

Scorpion Bay a hotel located in a small town called San Juanico, Mexico that has about 900 inhabitants., Its main economic activity is fishing. It is also known worldwide for having one of the best surfing spots in the world as it has the second longest wave in the world.

As we like to help our guests, we like to help our community by raising funds and encouraging  donations for those who need it most.

The hotel has frequent guests who come 2 to 3 times a year and always try to help the community with donations. This year 2021, we received approximately  200 kg of donations including school supplies, children’s clothes, toys, baby clothes and milk, diapers, backpacks, mouth covers, disinfectant wipes and more.

All these items were of great help in the community, since, with the pandemic situation, it is difficult for parents to purchase these products.

We would like to thank each of our customers for their help, as well as Pack for a Purpose, without them, it would not be possible.  Our gratitude goes out to  Connor Gilmer’s Off The Grid Expedition, Sean Hoglund and Mike McCausland, Alec McKenzie, Manttis, Erin Nathan and Ivan Stangevis, Donny Cicimarro, Brian Kint and Brian Roberts and Mike Thomas.

We hope that these good deeds of our guests will continue to contribute to our San Juanico community.  We invite all our guests at Scorpion Bay Hotel and other travelers to our area not staying with us, to Pack for a Purpose and make a Big Impact in our community!


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