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P2P Projects Provide Important Supplies for the Entire Community

As a business in the hospitality industry, our mission is to delight our guests with the highest quality services we can offer and provide them with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.  But our company mission doesn’t end there.  Beyond being members of the business community, we passionately believe that we are a part of the community at large and an extension of the rich culture from which we were founded.  We are thrilled to work with organizations such as Pack for a Purpose that help us support, maintain, and protect the people in the community where we work and live. In Judaism, this is known as tikkun olam, or “repair the world”, and we’re proud to do our part.

Cuba is a wonderful place to visit and explore, but as with many developing countries, it has its challenges, both internal and external.  A variety of factors have impacted the country economically and as a result, there is an urgent need for outside aid and assistance in many areas, such as food, medicine, hygiene supplies and clothing.  We invite our guests to work with us and Pack for a Purpose to bring in much needed items that we donate to our friends and colleagues at Beth Shalom and the Mitrani Senior Center.

Beth Shalom (also known as El Patronato) is a local synagogue that operates a pharmaceutical dispensary servicing the entire local community – irrespective of faith.  Through the generous donations of our guests and partners, they are often better supplied than even the state-operated entities and they ensure that items are given free of charge to those most in need.  They accept all forms of aid, including medications that are carefully reviewed for usability and provided to patients, offering them relief and a better quality of life.

The Mitrani Senior Center at the Centro Sephardi is another local beneficiary of the generous aid brought by our guests. It is a critical lifeline to the senior population as it provides them with a place to remain active and engaged with their peers and in some cases, a place to get emotional support or just to share a nutritious meal with friends.  Clothing, eyeglasses, medication, and other items are donated to the Mitrani Center by visitors and provide a continued source of help for the well-being of our cherished elderly.

We continue to encourage our guests and all visitors to Cuba to bring aid when they can.  OTC and prescription medicines, toiletries and other sundry items are the most in need, but things like new or gently used clothing, personal hygiene products and other items are also very much in demand and have a significant impact on improving the quality of life for the people here.  The Cuban people are among the proudest and most self-reliant you’ll ever encounter, but they are genuinely appreciative of the visitors and the aid they bring.  The smiles on the faces of people of all ages – knowing they are not forgotten – says it all.



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