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Meaningful Travel in Mexico-PfaP Travelers Make a Big Impact

As a company in the hotel sector, our mission is to provide our guests with the highest quality services we can offer and give them memories that will last a lifetime. Beyond being members of the business community, we enthusiastically believe that we are part of the community at large.

That’s why, years ago Scorpion Bay Hotel decided to join ̈Pack for a Purpose ̈ a beautiful initiative that allows travelers, friends, and partners like you to have a positive impact in our community. There we carry out a project that provides children and young people from schools in the community with supplies for their school activities, whether academic or sports.

Many of our guests staying at Scorpion Bay Hotel, opt for “Pack for a Purpose”, bringing donations to schools in our community. These are taken to the director of the school and the most tenured teacher to distribute them within the school with the children and young people of the community. The donations are distributed in the 5 schools that are in the town: Initial Education, Esperanza García Conde Kindergarten, Republic of Colombia Elementary, Federico Aguilar Murillo Telesecondary School and Telebachillerato # 33.

Our team enjoys bringing our guests into the school community so they have the opportunity to see the school and experience how such a small gesture can have such a big impact.

Last April (2023), we had the opportunity for our friends from ARIZONA RAPTOR RUN and TEXAS RAPTOR RUN to join us to deliver donations to schools in our community. It was very gratifying to see the emotion of the children when opening the packages, their faces and happiness is a very comforting experience for our donors and for our team, because we are happy to be part of this project where we bring a smile to our children and young people.


San Juanico Baja California Sur, Mexico, is a proud and self-sufficient town, which despite its challenges always welcomes its visitors with open arms. We are infinitely grateful for each of their contributions so that the children and young people of our community have a better quality of education and develop sports skills.

We continue to encourage our guests, friends and visitors to Scorpion Bay Hotel and San Juanico Baja California Sur, Mexico, to bring help when they can. The smiles of our children and young people are a huge satisfaction, and to see that they are always in their hearts.

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