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PfaP Delivers in Zambia

Since we registered with Pack for a Purpose in May last year, the Flatdogs Camp has enjoyed a steady stream of supplies from all over the world! Most guests bring a few work books or pens and pencils, but some have brought suitcases full of everything from calculators to science books! In total, we’ve received... Continue reading

Viva PfaP!

From David reporting from Playa Viva: Playa Viva guests continue to Pack for a Purpose. Included in every pre-trip planner is a flyer about PfaP that we send to each guest. We have gotten to the point where the school we support is now revising the list of items requested as they have filled their... Continue reading

Divas Deliver in the Amazon

We are a team of 6th grade educators who were granted a fellowship to participate in an eco-tour of the Rio Napo River in Ecuador to give students a unique view of the environment. We encountered Pack for a Purpose on the Yachana Lodge website and knew immediately we could not arrive empty handed. What... Continue reading

PfaP Portraits

See some of the faces behind our all-volunteer organization. They have given generously and freely of their expertise and time. Their work continues to help Pack for a Purpose provide travelers with the information they need to help make a difference in the lives of children around the world. Erik Macenas (Volunteer/Board Member) Erik Macenas received... Continue reading

Q&A From Down Under

From first contact to a successful Pack for a Purpose delivery Marianne Irwin, a traveler from Queensland, Australia, tells us about her PfaP experience in her own words. How did you find the PfaP website? The website was easy to use and well designed and had contact details so I was able to email Rebecca for... Continue reading

Art-ful Assistance for PfaP

Since its creation in 2009, Pack for a Purpose has been a facilitator for international travelers to deliver donations of needed supplies for children through community-based initiatives around the world. In addition to this central mission, a number of individuals provide financial support to the program. Artist Deanna Fainelli, a mixed-media artist from California, generously... Continue reading

Smiles From South Africa

Last year Samara Private Game Reserve in South Africa joined Pack for a Purpose to give their guests the opportunity to provide donations for their three community-based projects. After only six weeks on the PfaP website, Samara reported its first donation, which was earmarked for the Marjery Parkes TB Hospital in Graaff-Reinet. This generous donation,... Continue reading

28 pounds of Supplies Distributed by Wilderness Angels

Having found Pack for a Purpose online, Helen McLennan of Australia, delivered more than 28 pounds of goods to the Wilderness Safaris in Johannesburg, South Africa, during a July 2010 trip.  Once there, the goods were collected by Michelle Puddu on behalf of local agency, Wilderness Angels, and presented to the Rose of Hope Children’s... Continue reading